Custom made tables

Having technical resources, knowledge and experience, we are able to build a cutting table according to the customer's specifications. We present sample projects that we had the pleasure of working on.

If you are interested in a similar device or have your own idea for a cutting table, please contact us.

Table for binding carpets Table for binding carpets
Table with air blowing system for moving carpets and floor coverings
RollMaster 310 SE RollMaster 310 SE
One workplace for two independent operators
RollMaster 330 SE RollMaster 330 SE
The widest version of RollMaster with two table backlights
CUTMaster 240 AIR + RollMaster CUTMaster 240 AIR + RollMaster
A table for spreading and multi-layer cutting in one
CUTMaster 270 Super Plus SE CUTMaster 270 Super Plus SE
A table for cutting covers for duvets and pillows
CUTMaster 320 Super Plus CUTMaster 320 Super Plus
The widest version of the spreading machine - up to 320 cm

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