We fit out the cutting rooms completely

We are the only company in Poland which focuses exclusively on the cutting room equipment and we can proudly say that we mastered this area to perfection.

State of The Art Products

We offer different appliances from simple cloth cutting machines for small companies to professional industrial machines for large companies. We are the manufacturer of state of the art cutting table with a spreader, a new generation roller blinds cutting table and a round cutting machine competing with global brands when it goes to the quality and price. We are also the authorized reseller of many cutting machines from around the world. Our advantage is the largest in Poland stock of replacement parts for cutting machines and a full, professional warranty service.

Our Policy of Quality

In our work we focus primarily on professionalism, which is why we carefully select products in terms of quality.

We believe that the proper selection of work tools affects both the efficiency of work and employees’ satisfaction. That is why we avoid the products of low and medium quality. Both as the reseller and the manufacturer we insist on the quality of products, which leads to a very high percentage of satisfied customers.

Personal Service

Over 30 years of experience with all types of cutting equipment helps us to eliminate mistakes in selection of machines for various kinds of production.

We spend much time with each client to chose the best solution. It may means hours of discussion, but our customers’ satisfaction is well worth every minute. We allow to test the equipment at the customer's company to make sure chosen device works, not only at the shop or in the catalogue.

We allow to test the equipment at the customer's company, so one can check the device in the daily work, not only at the shop or on the folder.

Worldwide brands

We are the authorized reseller of Sipe Tecnologie, Eastman, KM, Kuris, Maimin, Vibromat and Csepel.

Our Offer

Take a look at our offer. Most products have detailed descriptions and professional photos, making it easier to choose an interesting device.

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