About us

Our major focus is to serve manufacturing companies who have or plan to have their own cutting rooms. Our customers are mainly manufacturers of clothes, furniture, roller shades as well as warehouses and shops.

It is our goal to fully and completety prepare the cutting room for our customers who offer cutting services or prepare materials for their own production. This makes us a unique company in the industry. Our activities are focused in one field, and the experience we gain helps both us and our customers to achieve success.

We trully believe that proper selection of work tools affects both the efficiency of work and employees’ satisfaction. That is why we avoid the products of low and medium quality. Our 30 years of experience with all types of cutting equipment helps us to eliminate mistakes in the selection of machines for various kinds of production. We also offer a rare opportunity to test this equipment in customer's company.

Apart from the comprehensive range of cutting equipment, we have professional service of cutting machines and the largest cutting equipment spare parts store in Poland. What makes us proud is the fact that we can fix every cutting machine we receive to be serviced. We believe that selling a machine is an easy job, what is really important is to sell it with service warranty and full availability of parts.

It is our company’s philosophy.

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