CUTMaster 240 AIR + RollMaster

The table was ordered by a manufacturer of quilts and mattresses.

We have designed a production line with a length of 14 m with a spreading machine on one end and end cutter on the second end. After spreading, the material is moved to the end of the table to cut multiple layers into equal lengths. Table tops have an airflow system that makes it easier to move the material over the table.

The use of double pneumatic pressure bars made it possible to cut up to 20 layers of quilted material at once.

Technical data
Table dimensions:
14 m x 2.4 m
Cutting width:
up to 240 cm
Power supply:
230 V
Applied solutions:
manual spreader
two automatic end cutters
pneumatic pressure bar on the edge of the table
double pressure bar in the rear part of the table
laser for measuring the length of the cut

CUTMaster 240 AIR + RollMaster

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