How to order?

Shopping in our webstore is easy!

1. Choose your products. You can search for them in the category tree on the left side or by using our search tool.

Using search tool
  • if you search for the exact product, enter its name in the search field located in the upper left-hand corner and press Enter. You will get the list of matched products divided on machines, parts and categories.
  • if you want to display all the machines of specific purpose (eg. for light-weight cutting), choose the corresponding type from the drop-down list above the search bar and press "Search" button. You will receive the list of all products fulfilling the criteria. You can also narrow the search results by choosing type and writing a name in search field.
  • if you want to display the products of specific manufacturer, choose "advanced search" and then choose the producer from the drop-down list. You can also narrow the search results by choosing a specific purpose in the field above.
  • if you're looking for an exact spare part and you know its catalog number, choose "advanced search", write the number in "Search in catalog numbers" field and press Enter.
Using configurators
  • some of the products have the possibility to be configured - those products have additional "configuration" icon
  • configurator is the list of products, which you can freely choose by using drop-down menus - every product has it's own menu
  • after choosing suitable products, click "Add to basket" button and continue the order process
2. After adding something to the basket, you will see the shopping cart. Here you can change the quantity of ordered items (enter required quantity in the field next to the product name and then click "recalculate" button), delete items from the cart or step to the next phase of the order process. If you want to continue shopping, press "return" button.

3. When you are on the order form page, you will be asked to log in (if you're not logged in already). If you don't want to register in our system, enter your contact data in adequate fields and choose shipping and payment method. You can also leave your comments on the order. After filling all required fields you are moved to the order confirmation page. Here you can check the correctness of your data and still get back to continue the shopping. If your order is complete, click on the "confirm" button.

4. After sending your order our staff will contact you to discuss the details of processing of order.

We do care about your personal data - we guarantee that they are used only for the purpose of processing of order.
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