Air blowing and vacuum tables

Air blowing tables are very helpful for moving heavy layers of material without using force. Thanks to the air cushion, friction is reduced, allowing the material to move smoothly across the table.

AIRMaster and AIRMaster PRO can be used as conveyor tables, tables for hemming carpets or rugs, and for various types of materials that require processing with frequent movement.

The VACMaster vacuum system table, on the other hand, is a useful device for blocking material on the table for plotter or cutter. An additional possibility is to compress more layers for their simultaneous cutting.

AIRMaster PRO blowing table for carpets AIRMaster PRO blowing table for carpets
Powerful air blowing system for heavy materials
Vacuum cutting table VACMaster Vacuum cutting table VACMaster
The vacuum system prevents materials from moving on the table surface

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