Cutting table Ocean SK-180

The cutting table is the primary place of work in the cutting room, so it's important that the construction was safe, stable and reliable. Ocean cutting table is distinguished by very high precision, unprecedented stability and attention to aesthetics.


Design your own cutting table

The special girder nodes give the construction light weight and high stiffness (nodes are shown in pictures 3 and 4).

Installation of the table is very simple and can be made in the cutting room alone. Modular design allows any length of the table and the possibility to install the optional equipment.

There are four standard widths of the table (182, 202, 222 and 242 cm), but we have a possibility to make non-standard width and length of segments of the frame. The table offers the adjustment of height and can be provided with casters.

The table top has a solid surface and a strong PVC tape, which protects the edges of the table.

Optionally table can be fitted with fabric feeder on one or both sides (picture 2).

The framework is the basic design that can be further expanded to a full spreading table.

Use configurator

You can configure this product by using a configurator.

Technical data
Length of segment:
1,40 m
Width of the table:
1,82 m
Non-standard dimensions:
on request

Cutting table Ocean SK-180

Available versions
3.2 m
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4.6 m
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