Configurator of Ocean SK cutting table

The Ocean SK cutting table configurator will help you choose the optimum set according to your needs.

First step it to choose table width. We propose four main sizes - 182, 202, 222, 242 cm. Table width should be a little bigger than the widest roll you cut from.

Second step is the choice of table length. Planning space in the cutting room, please remember to leave 80 cm in front of the table and 50 cm at the back.

Bottom shelves are useful to store rolls of material and accessories needed in the cutting room, especially when you do not have a large space available. Table frame is prepared for adding bottom shelves at any moment, even if they are not ordered with the complete set.

Table legs can be equipped with casters with brakes, so it can be easily moved in the room. Table with wheels requires a hard and flat ground. There is no possibility of height adjustment in that case

For unrolling the fabric you can use one of three types of fabric unroller. Two of them are upper unrollers mounted on the table top. They come with one or two bars (second bar helps to reduce the tilt angle of material and keep it closer to the end cutter level). Lower unroller is attached to the frame and has two rollers located at the table top level.

In the next step you can choose the version of end cutter. DYDB-1 version is moved manually, while DYDB-2 offers automatic forward & back movement after pressing the start button. The main benefit of the automatic end cutter is speeding up work. Automatic end cutter in DYDB-2A version offers higher cutting capacity of single layer up to 2,5 cm (in DYDB-1 and DYDB-2 versions - 0,8 cm) and is recommended for thick materials.

In case of upper unwinder and end cutter we provide a useful roller guide of end cutter. It stretches the material on the cutting height and prevents the problem of uneven cuts, which may occur when the material is stretched diagonally going up.

Last option to choose is a holding bar. Basic version with parking brake is operated manually using a handle. Electric version is moved up and down by buttons, there is no need to use a brake as the holding bar is blocked after lifting until released. For 242 cm table only the manual version is supported.

Table width *
1. Table length *
2. Bottom shelves
3. Casters
4. Fabric unroller
5. End cutter
6. Roller guide of end cutter
7. Cloth press bar

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