Air blow cutting table with manual spreader CUTMaster 180 AIR

The spreading and cutting table CUTMaster AIR is a professional solution applicable in clothing, furniture, sports, automobile and other industries. Precision, stability of the structure and the number of possible options
of the equipment are the hallmarks of the CUTMaster AIR spreading table.


Design your own cutting table

The modular design allows the system to be suited to the needs and makes
the transport and installation in the cutting room easier.

The table frame has a very high accuracy for performance, and it self-assembles easily.

The table top has a solid surface and a strong PVC tape frame which protects the edges of the table and is user-friendly.

The air blow system mounted in the table top makes it easy to move large fragments of material over the table, which vastly improves efficiency
in the cutting room. Air blow fans are mounted below the table top according to the table length. Air nozzles are spaced alternately, giving the appropriate lift force. The airblow system is protected with overload switches and can be operated from any chosen place below the table.

The CUTMaster spreader makes the spreading quick and accurate thanks
to a light and very stable construction. The spreader track is very precisely made​​, which gave us an advantage over competing solutions - spreader always moves smoothly and without jams, even when there's a large amount of dust in the cutting room.

Watch the demo video

Operation is extremely simple and can be executed only by one person.

Basic features and additional options:

  • any length of the set (in 1.40 m segments),
  • robust steel profiles, powder-coated,
  • spreader tracks of galvanized or chrome steel,
  • height-adjustable table,
  • professional manual or automatic end cutter,
  • manual or electric cloth press bar,
  • pressing rollers of the spreaded material,
  • rotary bar of the spreader,
  • board to spread the material from pallets,
  • additional pipe to spread the material,
  • extra cones of large diameter,
  • lower or upper power feed system.

Basic CUTMaster 180 AIR kit includes:

  • cutting table of 1.82 m x 3.2 m size
  • steel frame, powder-coated
  • table top framed with 2 mm PVC tape,
  • CUTMaster manual spreader,
  • galvanized tracking rails,
  • manual cloth press bar,
  • end cutter:
    in Standard version - manual end cutter Long Ocean DYDB-1,
    in Super version - automatic end cutter Long Ocean DYDB-2,
    in Super Plus version - automatic end cutter Long Ocean DYDB-2A
    with cutting capacity up to 25 mm.

Use configurator

You can configure this product by using a configurator.

Technical data
Table width:
182 cm
Table top thickness:
25 mm
Table length:
any length
Spreading capacity:
20 cm

Air blow cutting table with manual spreader CUTMaster 180 AIR

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