Straight knife cloth cutter Kuris KVS 700

The ideal machine for all cutting operations, from pattern making to cutting multiple layers, with maximum cutting height up to 70 mm, for flexible surface structures such as textile fabrics, knitted goods and knitwear, technical textiles and special materials such as films, felt, skai branded films and soft leather etc.

The KVS 700 straight-knife cloth cutter bridges the former gap between electric handheld cutting machines and conventional straight knife cloth cutters for thick layers. An electric handheld cutting machine with a rotating blade will have problems cutting acute angles and tight curves at certain layer heights. In contrast, even darts and necklines can be cut out using a single-knife cloth cutter.

The base plates for the Kuris straight-knife cloth cutters are provided with a special coating. This offers excellent glide properties and high wear resistance. No more chrome and no dazzling reflections. Scratches are simply polished out.

We offer refurbished machines with a full 1-year warranty, as well as new ones on individual orders.

Technical data
Cutting height:
4" - 6 cm
Output power:
6 kg

Straight knife cloth cutter Kuris KVS 700

Available versions
4" (refurbished)
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