Round knife cutting machine Magnum

Introducing SAMEX latest product - a revolutionary round knife cloth cutting machine.

MAGNUM is a construction that combines the advantages of different circular cutting machines. Light and quiet, its cutting capacity reaches up to 75 mm. These is the combination of features which none of the round knives has met until now.

Basing on our over 20 years of experience with cutting knives service, we joined the best solutions found in round knives and made ​​it even better. MAGNUM service operations are limited to minimum, and even that does not require special tools. The blade and the sharpener don't need additional regulation.

MAGNUM round cutting machine meets the highest European safety standards. Cutter is protected against spontaneous start after power failure. Blade guards fully protect operator's hands from injury and do not interfere at work. What is also important, they can not be easily damaged.

MAGNUM is available in two versions, a high speed - for cutting light fabrics and low speed - for cutting thicker and heavier materials.

Technical data
Blade size:
100/110 mm
Blade type:
8-sized or round
Cutting capacity:
7/7.5 cm
Output power:
280 W
600 rpm
1200 rpm
Power supply:
230 V
3 kg

Round knife cutting machine Magnum

Available versions
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408 € net
MGN-100 (low speed)
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408 € net
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423 € net
MGN-110 (low speed)
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423 € net

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