Manual spreader CUTMaster

In the production of clothing, the productivity and efficiency factor is extremely important. Spreading the material manually on the table is a long and arduous work which, fortunately, can be greatly accelerated.

The basic equipment for spreading the material is a spreader, which even doubles the speed of spreading. Working with the machine is very simple and can be performed by one employee.

CUTMaster spreader is distinguished by unusual stability, strength and precision. Our goal was to create a device that will serve just as well for many years without requiring repairs, adjustments or replacements.

The spreader track is very precisely made​​, which gave us an advantage over competing solutions - spreader always moves smoothly and without jams, even when there's a large amount of dust in the cutting room.

CUTMaster spreader can be optionally extended with additional features such as a rotation bar or a shelf to spread the material from pallets. These elements can be added later, as well as easily removed.


  • CUTMaster spreader can be mounted only on the Ocean SK cutting table due to a very precise elements of the drive rails

Manual spreader CUTMaster


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