KURIS Servo-Cutter Automatic

The latest KURIS Servo-Cutter fills the technical gap between machines of conventional manual cutting and fully automatic cutting, combining vertical cutting with a band knife-cutting machine. Safe, convenient, efficient, stable, and reliable!

Efficient and Reliable

KURIS Servo-Cutter performs silent and smooth cutting and is able to make small cuts. Moving and carrying the cutting machine in the cutting area is completely eliminated.

Automatic Operated Drive Trolley

It automatically operates in coordination with the twin swivel arm, keeping the arm in the region of optimal angular orientation.

Pantograph Guidance

With the pantograph arrangement, the accuracy of the cutter is improved. Operators no longer need to carry around the cutter for cutting and the problem of unevenness of the surface is eliminated due to the automatic height compensation of the pantograph guide.

Convenient, Safe and Stable

You can simply lift up the cutter to lock and park the cutting head. The sensor switch on the guidance handle which stops the cutting machine once the operator release the handle of the machine brings safety and stability by ensuring the safety of the operator and contour.

Handy, Quiet and Accurate

Handy design with a surface area 65% smaller and a base plate 85% smaller than those of a normal one respectively.

It operates quietly with the shock absorber installed. Hollow aluminium rectangular twin swivel arm brings the handy weight, smooth cutting and accuracy.

Automatic Emergency Stop

Designed with the automatic emergency stop to avoid human injuries by collision of the machine with other human or other objects.

Variable knife Speed

User can choose Variable knife speed according to material type.

Rapid Drive

The Servo-cutter can move over long distances rapidly.

Technical data
Cutting height:
SCA 900 - 9 cm
SCA 1602 - 16 cm
SCA 2002 - 20 cm
Width of the table:
up to 2 m
Maximum speed:
up to 40 m/min
Output power:

KURIS Servo-Cutter Automatic

Available versions
KVS 900 (refurbished)
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3051 € net
KV 1350 (refurbished)
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3205 € net
KV 1600 (refurbished)
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3308 € net

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