Cutting table top

Cutting table is one of the most important places in the cutting room, where cutters and other equipment are used every day. Therefore, when choosing a table top one should opt for a hardened surface top with increased resistance to impact and scratches.

The table top Ocean has a solid, hardened surface and a strong PVC tape frame, which protects the edges of the table.

There are two standard widths of the table top but we can provide other dimensions. The length is not limited.

Prices below are for 182 cm width.

Technical data
182 cm (standard)
202 cm or other (option)
25 mm
Edge protection:
2 mm PVC tape

Cutting table top

Available versions
3 m
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192 € net
5 m
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256 € net
6 m
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346 € net
8 m
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423 € net
9 m
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500 € net
10 m
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590 € net
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16 m
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