Cloth cutting machine Maimin Sabre 2000

Maimin Sabre 2000 is a top class cutter with a powerful engine. Designed for heavy duty tasks, it will also work with typical applications.

A powerful engine is not the only thing that distinguishes Maimin machines from the others. The highest quality, a narrowly profiled leg for easy cutting of intricate shapes, and light maneuverability are further arguments in favor of this brand.

Maimin is one of the few cutting knives that can cut 30 cm of material at once.

We offer refurbished machines with a full 1-year warranty, as well as new ones on individual orders.

Technical data
Cutting height:
8" - 16 cm
10" - 21 cm
11,5" - 25 cm
14" - 30 cm
Output power:
16 kg

Cloth cutting machine Maimin Sabre 2000

Available versions
8" 220V
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2944 € net
10" 220V
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3049 € net
14" 220V
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3203 € net
8" 380V
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3100 € net
10" 380V
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3203 € net
14" 380V
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3331 € net
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