Band cutting machine Big Ocean DY-900

Band knife cutting machine is a primary equipment used in textile industry. Ocean DY-900 is a very efficient and easy to use device recommended for any company which has its own cutting room.

The machine is equipped with an air blowing table which enables fabrics to be moved easily and cut precisely. The precise sharpener keeps the band knife sharp through the entire process of cutting.

Very stiff and modern construction of the machine with polyurethane-coated aluminum drive wheels assures very silent and stable operation of band knife.

The different types of band knives can be used for cutting knitted fabrics, undersuit, coated and laminated materials. Easy installation allows a quick replacement of the band knife suitable for the cutted material. For fabrics with a large addition of synthetic materials we strongly recommend to choose a machine with electronically adjustable speed of band knife.

Band knife machine has the necessary equipment to ensure proper operation and safe handling during cutting, including a precise system of raising and lowering the foot, located outside of the working area.

Device can be easily moved around the room with four rotating wheels. During operation the machine is blocked on six rubber shock absorbers.

Every machine is equipped with a band knife, precision sharpener, lamp to indicate the machine is working, spare band knives and sharpening stones. Electronic adjustment of band knife speed is optional.

Technical data
Cutting capacity:
185 mm
Knife speed:
14 m/s (no adjustment)
0-20 m/s (with adjustment)
Main engine power:
Airblow engine power:
Power supply:
Table dimension:
1500x1800 mm
285 kg
Band knife size:
Airblow table:
Speed adjustment:

Band cutting machine Big Ocean DY-900

Available versions
without speed adjustment
with speed adjustment
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