Automatic end cutter Long Ocean

Automatic end cutter enables quick cutting of single layers. The machine head moves on a trackrail, which length (up to 300 cm) can be adjusted to the width of the table.

High-speed engine can handle any type of material and two motors provide automatic cutting and raising the trackrail.

The trackrail is equipped with sensors to prevent the knife hit the housing, even when the cutting length is set to maximum.

The end cutter provides an automatic counter layer and adjustment of the cutting length. It's also equipped with a parking brake which allows to keep the trackrail stopped over the spreaded material.

Included with the end cutter is a fabric rewinder which can be mounted to the table.

DYDB-2A is a high capacity cutting version for materials up to 2.5 cm thick.

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Technical data
Power supply:
230 V
Output power:
200 W
Knife speed:
12000 rpm
Blade type:
Trackrail length:
up to 270 or 300 cm
Cutting speed:
1 m/s
Cutting length:
50-260 cm
Cutting capacity:
20 cm
Automatic raising:
Layers counter:
Trackrail parking brake:
Fabric rewinder:
Additional press rail:

Automatic end cutter Long Ocean

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