Configurator of RollMaster roller blinds cutting table

The RollMaster cutting table configurator will help you choose the optimum set according to your needs.

First step it to choose table width. We propose three main sizes - 250, 280 and 310 cm. Table width is 10 cm bigger than cutting width. 

Second step is to choose the end cutter version. The Standard version is moved manually, while the Super version offers automatic forward & back movement after pressing the start button. The main benefit of the automatic end cutter is speeding up work. It is not necessary to walk along the table pushing the cutter ahead and then go back to the start position – it is made automatically and takes just a few seconds.

Next step is the choice of holding bar. In the basic version it is operated manually using a handle. Operation is simple and fast, but worth considering is an pneumatic holding bar, as it offers the possibility to lift the bar temporarily by the additional pedal button. It is very useful when, after unrolling the material, you can see it is not set in the right angle. The pneumatic version allows one to lift the holding bar higher and is highly recommended when working with day-night/zebra type of roller blinds. The electromagnetic version lifts lower than pneumatic and is only available for RollMaster 250.

Guiding strip may be extended with a slider with an angle strip of 90 degrees or slider with laser, which help to measure the length of the cut. One move of an operator’s hand makes it possible to lock and change the position of the slider.

Another option to consider is the backlight on the table top. This helps to detect errors and cut off the faulty fragment of the material, saving the rest of fabric. It can vastly affect the material consumption.

Fabric feeder can be located under tabletop, which saves space and ensures more convenient access to the table. Depending on your preference, you can also select the upper version of the feeder, matched to the height of the worktop. Last option is universal version, which position can be easily changed.

The end cutter speed adjustment is helpful in cutting materials which stick on to the blade during high speed cutting. It mainly affects synthetic fabrics.

The fabric rolling machine is a simple tool designed for rolling material on the tube. It speeds up preparing a roller blind and helps to keep the material in the right angle. The fabric rolling machine can be operated either manually with an electric add-on driver (included) or automatically by using a foot pedal, which gives you both hands free.

Control frame helps to check the correctness of rolling-up the roller shade. The simple chain mechanism (or motor in electric version) allows to coil and unwind the roller shade to check if it is straight. Graspers for the tube are regulated. Width of the test frame can be adjusted, limited only with length of the table top.

Table width (cutting width) *
1. Table version (end cutter type) *
2. Holding bar *
3. Measuring strip
4. LED backlight of the table top
5. Fabric feeder
6. End cutter speed adjustment
7. Fabric rolling machine
8. Control frame for rolling-up correctness
9. Longer table top
10. Bottom shelves

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