Configurator of RollMaster Mini cutting table

The RollMaster Mini configurator will help you choose the optimum set according to your needs.

First step is to choose the version of end cutter. The Standard version's end cutter is moved manually, while the Super version offers automatic forward & back movement after pressing the start button. The main benefit of the automatic end cutter is speeding up work. Automatic end cutter in Super Plus version offers higher cutting capacity of single layer up to 2,5 cm (in Standard and Super versions - 0,8 cm) and is recommended for thick materials.

Guiding strip may be extended with a slider with an angle strip of 90 degrees or slider with laser, which help to measure the length of the cut. One move of an operator’s hand makes it possible to lock and change the position of the slider.

Another option to consider is the backlight on the table top. This helps to detect errors and cut off the faulty fragment of the material, saving the rest of fabric. It can vastly affect the material consumption.

The end cutter speed adjustment (only for Standard and Super version) is helpful in cutting materials which stick on to the blade during high speed cutting. It mainly affects synthetic fabrics.

1. Table version (end cutter type) *
2. Measuring strip
3. LED backlight of the table top
4. End cutter speed adjustment

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