Configurator of RollMaster XL cutting table

The RollMaster XL configurator will help you choose the optimum set according to your needs.

First step is to choose the end cutter version. The Standard version's end cutter is moved manually, while the Super version offers automatic forward & back movement after pressing the start button. The strong point of the Standard version is the possibility of slow movement of the end cutter and stopping it during cutting operation, which can be useful with hard materials. The main benefit of the automatic end cutter is speeding up work. It is not necessary to walk along the table pushing the cutter ahead and then go back to the start position – it is made automatically and takes just a few seconds.

Guiding strip may be extended with a sliding strip with an angle of 90 degrees, which helps to measure the length of the cut. One move of an operator’s hand makes it possible to lock and change the position of the angle strip.

Low speed end cutter (600 rpm) will be better for cutting materials which stick on to the blade during high speed cutting. Before making a decision we recommend to send us samples of material for testing.

The table width should be matched with the maximum roll width you use. Cutting width is 10 cm less then a table width.

The length of the working top is practically unlimited. A standard length of the table top is 202 cm with the possibility of an extension up to 280 cm without joining tops.

1. Table version (end cutter type) *
2. Measuring strip
3. End cutter rev speed
4. Table width *
5. Longer table top

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